When you’re a hacker, you’ll always find yourself feeling a little weird about being a hacker.

You might have been one, but now you’re not.

As you may be well aware, the term “hacker” has lost some of its luster in the wake of the Snowden leaks.

A hacker is someone who makes something better, faster, cheaper, or more secure than someone else.

It is a hacker who is trying to solve a problem.

This is a position that is increasingly held by some of the world’s top computer scientists, and a position most of us hold, too.

It makes you feel a little better.

It feels like you’re doing something good.

We want to make that sense.

We don’t want to feel like we’re being a little bit weird, we want to be doing something positive, right?

We want it to feel good.

To make the connection between the word “hacking” and the computer scientist, we’ve asked some of our favorite computer scientists to weigh in on whether or not the term is a valid way to describe what they do.

To get a sense of how the scientists feel about the term, we asked them to share some thoughts on the meaning of the word, the way they view hacking, and how they use it in their work.

We’ll also be giving away a free computer science textbook in our next Recode series.


When you say “hackers,” do you mean people who hack into systems to find vulnerabilities?


When hackers do a job, do you think they are a good hacker or a bad hacker?


If you were hacking into a system to do some sort of reconnaissance, would you say you were a bad programmer or a good programmer?


What are some of your favorite computer scientist’s best hacker-isms?


What is a “good hacker” and why is it so important?


If someone is “hacked” by a robot, how would you describe it?


When do you use the word hacker?


What do you call a hacker?


Why do you prefer the word to the word programmer?


What’s your favorite hacker-ism?

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