The sex search engines on Google, Bing and Yahoo offer a host of options for finding sex ads.

But they’re all based on the same idea: to give people more options to find sex.

For example, if you’re searching for a sex toy, Bing might offer suggestions on what type of sex toy you want to use.

Google may suggest you try a different brand of sex toys.

Yahoo may suggest the same sex toy in a different style.

Google will even suggest that you try the sex toy on a different site or device.

This can work, but sometimes, the results won’t work at all.

To find out more, I reached out to the three major search engines about their sex search tools.

Here are their responses.


Google: Sex search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo will try to find what you’re looking for using a combination of keywords, terms and phrases.

Google and Bing have a large range of terms that can be used to find the kind of sex you’re after.

For instance, if I wanted to find out about a sex product, Google might suggest “the most popular sex toys available on Amazon”.

This is similar to the search suggestions we used above, but for sex toys only.

Google is able to pull a huge variety of sex products, so it may have some overlap with the types of sex searches we use.


Bing: Bing will try its best to make suggestions based on what people are searching for, rather than what you may have already searched for.

It will only suggest sex toys that are specific to your interests, but the company is keen to be helpful.

Bing has a large selection of sex related terms that are tailored to specific searches.

If you’re interested in buying sex toys, Bing may suggest “bondage, bondage, kinky, lube” or “bordello, luscious”.

It’s also keen to offer suggestions for sex toy styles that are different to what you might be looking for, such as “panty hanger, bra, busty”.

Bing’s search suggestions will work with other search engines if they are available, and can work on other search platforms if they’re not.


Yahoo: Yahoo will always suggest sex products based on its own keywords, which it says are more targeted at women and older women.

Yahoo says its search engine will also try to work with the other search services to try to narrow down results, but only when you have specific interests.

Yahoo has an extensive list of adult products, as well as products for adults aged over 55.

Yahoo also has a search engine that is specifically designed for the purpose of finding sex toys for women, but this is not specific to any of the sex search sites.

Yahoo is also keen not to recommend products that are currently out of stock, because there are also sex toy companies that can supply you with the products.

It’s possible that this may mean that some of the results may be unsuitable for your search, depending on your needs.

For the most part, sex search suggestions from search engines are intended to be very general.

Some sex search platforms will suggest products based only on a person’s profile, so you’ll never know what’s on offer from a search like this.

You can also use these suggestions to find more specific products that may suit your tastes.

For more information on sex search and sex search recommendations, you can read the Sex Search Guide.

Sex search search tools for Australia The Sex Search guide can be downloaded from the ABC’s website.

This guide includes a lot of advice and information for those who are interested in exploring sex search products.

You’ll find useful information about the types and categories of sex search, the types that work best for your needs, how to find products based off of a person, the best search engine for finding online content, how long a search takes and the best sex search experience.

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