Safari searches for new browser app to compete with Google’s Google Maps app

A new browser-based search engine could be in the works to compete against Google’s Android-based mapping app.

In a post to its official Facebook page, Safari has outlined a new app that it says will let people browse, search and share content from Safari apps across multiple platforms including the web, mobile and desktop.

Safari’s new app would be built on top of a new HTML5 API called OpenStreetMap.

The idea is to let users use the app to quickly explore their city and map out neighborhoods in a similar way to Google Maps.

The OpenStreetMapping API, or OpenStreetMaps, is a popular open-source mapping tool that allows users to access public open-sourced data.

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative mapping platform that allows anyone to submit their own public maps, using OpenStreetGIS, OpenStreetCam and OpenStreetView software.

Its popularity is partly due to its openness and ease of use, which make it a viable alternative to Google’s own mapping software, Android.

However, Apple is reportedly looking to get in on the OpenStreet Maps app market.

The OpenStreet Map API is an open-access technology.

Developers can publish their apps as open- source software, which means that anyone can contribute to the open-content ecosystem.

The developers of OpenStreetmap can also share their mapping data with other developers and institutions, which could make the Open Street Map API more accessible to other applications.

Safari has already partnered with Google to add Google Maps to its own Maps application, Safari Mobile, which is now available on iOS and Android.

Google has long struggled to gain traction in the open data space, especially as more and more people start to embrace OpenStreetMarkets.

Google has partnered with some of the biggest players in the data space such as the Wikimedia Foundation, the Open Geo Group, the Wikimedia Mobile Group and many others, as well as creating an OpenStreetBook app, a collection of maps for free that are hosted on OpenStreetGoogle Maps.

Google also has a mobile app called Google Maps for iOS and a Google Maps on Android app for Android phones.

However, as OpenStreetMarket continues to gain popularity, Google has become increasingly interested in getting into the data market, even partnering with OpenStreetGeo.

Google partnered with OpenstreetGeo in 2016 to create a free Google Maps mobile app that can be downloaded and used on Android devices.

Google’s OpenStreetShare API, which lets people share and share data from OpenStreetmaps, has also been used to launch a project called Google Earth Plus that is essentially an Open StreetMap for Google Earth.

Google says that the API will enable the sharing of Open StreetMaps data across all Google Earth platforms and across Google Earth Platforms.

In the end, the open source OpenStreetMAP API could be a valuable addition to Google maps, which are increasingly being used to provide mapping data for many purposes.

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