An advanced search-engine that allows you to access your favourite websites is now standard in most UK households, according to a report.

The new version of Google’s Internet Explorer has been installed on a number of PCs and laptops in recent months, and has been rolled out in the UK as well as in Europe, US and Australia.

But the new version isn’t available in the US, where Google is the only search engine to appear.

Read moreThe move comes as Microsoft looks to introduce the new Internet Explorer as the default search engine for the Windows operating system in the coming months, according a report from the UK’s Business Insider website.

The news comes on the same day that the US Department of Justice said that it has “no plans” to allow Microsoft to sell the default browser in the country, citing privacy concerns.

Microsoft will be able to sell “non-commercial versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer”, according to the news release, “but those versions of Internet Explorer will not be permitted for sale.”

“Non-commercial” means that you won’t be able use the software to access Google’s search engine or other search engines, and that you may not use it to access other websites that are blocked by Microsoft.

However, the news is not entirely good news for Microsoft, which is working on a new browser for its Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft’s new browser will be based on an entirely new version called Edge, which was released in September last year.

The browser will have a new tab bar and a new search box, and it will also include “special features” for people who have been blocked by the search engine.

However it will not include the new Edge search engine feature, which will allow you to search through popular websites that aren’t blocked by Google.

Instead, Microsoft is working with third-party search engines to provide “advanced search engine features”, according the Business Insider report.

“The new Edge Search Engine is expected to be available in July,” the news article states.

“Microsoft Edge Search Engines will include features to make it easier for users to find the information they need.”

Read moreMicrosoft’s plans for Edge are similar to what Google has been working on for a while, as well.

Google’s search-service is now part of Chrome OS, the OS that runs on top of the operating system and is used by millions of computers around the world.

Chrome OS is being used to run Google’s popular Chrome browser, but Microsoft has plans to build an Edge browser based on the technology.

This news comes amid ongoing controversy over Microsoft’s decision to allow third-parties to sell Edge browser updates, which means users won’t need to install the new browser on their computers to use it.

This new browser won’t have any of the browser features Microsoft is hoping for, however.

The company has not commented on the news, but it’s clear that Microsoft is trying to get around a lack of third-tier browser options.

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