Google is building its own version of the internet of things, a new tool that can analyze and store data about everything from sensors to lighting to vehicles.

“It’s really about building data-driven, machine-learning tools for the cloud,” said Google vice president of cloud and apps Ed Lu, in an interview.

The company is currently building a “cloud of smartthings,” or a “web of connected devices” that can store data on their own.

It’s similar to how Facebook uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to record and stream video to its servers, and it’s similar in many ways to Amazon’s Echo speakers, which are used to make Alexa smarter.

Google has built the cloud of smarts for smart devices as part of its Project Glass, which is being developed in conjunction with Microsoft.

Instead of storing data on individual devices, the smartthings store data in Google’s own cloud, which can then be analyzed by machine learning and predictive analytics tools, which in turn can be used to improve devices.

Google is also working on a more sophisticated data-preservation program, called Project Glass Plus, which will allow smart devices to store and analyze more information about themselves and their surroundings.

The cloud of connected things Google’s Project Glass is a cloud-based tool that collects data from sensors and analyzes the data to build an understanding of the environment around a device, including its internal components and battery life.

Google will start building more of these “clouds” with partners and customers this year.

In recent years, the cloud has increasingly been seen as a way for companies to save money on storage and computing costs.

Google has also been working to improve the way data is stored in the cloud, including using machine learning to improve machine-to-machine communications, and using algorithms to predict how much data to keep on devices and how long to keep it.

Microsoft has been using its Azure cloud storage for a while to store data for its HoloLens headset, and recently said it was planning to add cloud storage capabilities to Office 365.

But these types of efforts have mostly been focused on the enterprise market, where most data is handled by companies that already have a network of servers and a physical data center.

For the first time, Google has taken on a broader business where data is being stored on its own infrastructure and it has the ability to access the data it needs.

Google says its new data-saves capabilities are “in place for enterprises in areas where the data is sensitive or sensitive information” like healthcare, education, transportation, and financial transactions.

Google said it will also make its own “cloud” for the Internet and the connected devices it’s building.

That’s similar the way Facebook has done with its cloud of friends and family, but in a more traditional way.

Google has been building its “cloud,” or web of connected device, since it launched Project Glass.

Its project called “Project Glass Plus” will allow it to “make the Internet more connected, personal, and productive.”

The company’s cloud is also used to store information on its users.

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