and Netflix are working together to make it easier for fans to find movies and TV shows they love, and both are now launching a new service that lets them combine their services.

The new service, which has not been announced, lets users search for movies and shows on either or Netflix.

The sites have also added the ability to search for new content on their own.

“Netflix is proud to announce that it is working with the creators of the original TV show Bittorent to bring the new service to the streaming service,” Netflix said in a statement.

“The two companies have been partners on the original series Bittors first show, Bittorum, for over three decades and the collaboration will continue in the new service.”

Netflix, however, did not reveal the new name or the exact amount of content it would stream.

The two sites are now part of a partnership that Netflix says will allow fans to search by show name, title, director, cast, and more. was launched in October to allow fans of the show to search movies and television shows on both sites.

The search is based on the popularity of a title in a specific category on both platforms.

The site also lets users add titles from their favorite streaming service to their search results.

Netflix also has a separate app, which offers a similar feature for users.

The two sites offer search functionality in a similar way.

Bittoras search engine has been optimized to search in English and will show results for movies with titles like “The Muppets” and “Gran Torino.”

The search engines allow users to filter content based on their search terms and genre.

Users can also browse through their search history by searching by title, title and date of first viewing.

Both sites also allow users who are not members of a Netflix or streaming service or are looking for a new TV show to watch directly.

Users can also subscribe to both sites and stream their favorite shows directly from the sites.

Netflix and Netflix did not respond to requests for comment on the new search feature. is currently available only for members.

Both are available for free.

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