By Chris PizzelloIn an interview with Ars Technic, Apple’s Safari team revealed that its new search interface is designed to “bring search to all of us.”

While the interface isn’t much of a surprise, the company also says that it’s “a lot like search engines.”

“There are a lot of similarities between the search engines that you know and love today and the search engine that we built for you,” Apple says.

“We wanted to make it easy to discover and search for content on Safari.”

That means it’s not just the search results that are new, but also the way Safari makes them available to the user.

Apple has created an interface that is much like Google’s.

You can’t just click on the top of a link, or hover over an image, and it’ll automatically show you the search result.

In fact, you can’t even see the results on the home screen.

That means the interface doesn’t provide a clear view of what you’re looking for, so you have to look for it yourself.

But if you click on a search result, you get a list of the other results that match the search term.

You’ll find a list with the most popular results for the search terms that are most relevant to you, along with links to more relevant results.

The results are grouped by the top results, which is similar to Google’s “top results” and Yahoo’s “search results” section.

The search result lists for all the search queries that are displayed in Safari have the same format.

Each one starts with a search query and an optional keyword, followed by the full phrase.

For example, if you search for “fitness app,” you’ll get the results for fitness apps.

The keyword in Safari is “fit,” and the result lists all the fitness apps that have Fit Fit apps in the top ten most popular in the U.S. in the past year.

The top 10 results for Fit apps are shown in green.

Apple also added some new features.

For instance, you’ll be able to scroll through a list to find specific pages that contain information about a product, such as a “featured product,” or a “service” or “brand.”

You can also search for specific words.

The result list for the first “favorites” category shows all the products in the “favors” category that were featured in the most recent Apple News article.

You also have a “followers” section that allows you to see who has followed you.

You get more information about those people by clicking the icon in the middle of the “follow” field.

For the first time, Safari’s search engine also has a “feeds” section, and you can use it to get the most relevant results and see what other people are searching for.

You should note that this is the first release of the new search technology.

Apple is also adding support for Apple News on the search feature.

Previously, it was a bit of a pain to get into Safari and open the search interface.

The new feature lets you browse Apple News and other news articles in a “new tab” instead.

You’re able to open a new tab with just the word “new” in the URL bar.

The “newtab” function allows you use a keyboard shortcut to open Safari, and then the search page opens in the new tab.

The next step is for Safari to automatically refresh the new tabs page as new ones are added.

“New tabbing is a way to let Safari know when you have new tabs open in Safari,” Apple notes.

“It’s not something we add to the app, it’s something you’ll set up in Safari settings.”

Safari’s redesign was also a big focus for Apple in the iOS 7 keynote.

The iOS 7 redesign was a big topic of discussion at the event.

While it was obvious that Apple was focused on the new iPhone design, it seemed like a bigger part of the presentation.

Apple’s keynote focused more on the next version of Safari.

The biggest change that the company made was to the new “search engine” UI.

The old interface was an interface of icons that you’d see on a page of an internet browser.

The icons were very much like those that Apple used for Gmail, for example.

They would appear on the web page, and they would look similar to the icons you’d find in Google.

In iOS 7, Apple introduced a new UI that looks more like Google.

Instead of using the icons to indicate content, they now look like they’re pointing to something, rather than a “search result.”

That UI changes how Safari works.

When you use the new interface, Safari looks like the new Google homepage, with the search box and search results in the upper left corner of the page.

The home screen is now a more colorful place.

When searching in the search field, you no longer have to scroll down to see

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