Cats are smart animals and we’ve got a few tips to get them to play fair and help them avoid getting into trouble.

The first thing you need to do is know what they like and dislike.

If you want to give them a new toy or something to play with, you can do that.

But, it’s better to give it to them in a safe, supervised environment.

So, how do you know if a cat likes something or not?

Here’s a few suggestions: 1.

The cat may have some sort of a history of the thing you’re giving them, and may be curious about it.

For example, they may be keen to pick up something that you give them, like a toy.


If the cat seems very happy, they are likely to be very curious about what it is you’re offering them.


If a cat is friendly, but if you give it a treat, it may be more likely to go for it. 4.

If they are nervous or upset, you may want to try a different method of giving it the treat.


If your cat doesn’t seem happy at all, it could be that they don’t like the treat, or you’re not doing enough.


If something is too hot or too cold for them, you might want to consider trying a different type of treat.


If their eyes are open, they might be happy, but not really interested.

This is a sign they’re curious.


They are happy when they have a treat for a treat and they’re looking for a reward, but they may still be a little nervous about it and might want you to go away and try something else.


The more time you spend together, the happier they will be. 10.

If there’s a lot of noise or people around them, they will want to come and be with you, but it will take time for them to be fully comfortable.

This can happen if they’re still being fed, or if they don: want to play together or have a lot to do, but don’t have the time or space to do it alone.

You’ll know they’re ready when you notice their eyes open and they’ll come to you.

If this doesn’t happen, try something new.


Your cat might have a particular dislike of a particular type of toy.

Try giving it to your cat and see if it enjoys it. 12.

If one of your cats likes the toys, but is afraid it might be too close to the cat, try a smaller size.


If any of your kittens likes the toy, try giving it a try.

Try different sizes, shapes and colours.


If it’s not a treat or a toy, it might also be a different kind of cat food, or even something a cat might like to eat.

If so, try that too.


If none of these suggestions work, try using a different toy for the cat.

This will make them more comfortable and you can give them new toys to try.


If all else fails, a little bit of advice can make all the difference.

Your vet might suggest giving your cat some kind of a reward in a crate, for example.

They’ll need to learn to trust you to feed them, take them on outings and so on.

This could also be useful if your cat is scared of something or you think it might get hurt.

If anything goes wrong, you could try some different toys for them.

If that doesn’t work, a kitten can sometimes be saved by putting it on a shelf or something with lots of toys.

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