How Breitbart News created a fake Twitter account to help Trump win 2016 election

Breitbart News, a right-wing media outlet founded by Donald Trump, has launched a new Twitter account called “TrumpTrain” to promote its anti-establishment political agenda.

The new account, which has been created just days after Trump won the election, has been billed as a platform for “the free and open exchange of ideas.”

The new Twitter page, which appears to be an automated bot, uses the Twitter name @TrumpTrain, with the word “Train” prominently displayed.

“In the coming months, you will see the real @Trump Train on Twitter,” the Twitter account reads.

“Twitter is the most widely used social media platform on the planet.

It has created an unparalleled platform for the free and unfettered exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives.

With the hashtag #TrumpTrain it’s our goal to ensure that you get the best of both worlds.”

Twitter said the new account will allow users to tweet directly to the account and engage in conversations with other users, but the platform also said the account has been designed to provide a safe space for “a wide range of users” to communicate with each other.

The TrumpTrain account, a new attempt to promote the president-elect, is the latest attempt to capitalize on Trump’s victory by the president’s supporters to promote their anti-globalist and anti-democratic agenda.

The accounts promoted by the Trump campaign have been widely criticized for their anti, racist, sexist and xenophobic rhetoric and for promoting anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories, which are widely believed to be false.

The Breitbart News website and its media outlet, Breitbart News Daily, have also been targeted by conservative groups, with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer being forced to resign after the outlet published an article titled “White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Rejected Media Plots.”

The article claimed Spicer, who was a key aide to Trump during the campaign, was “trying to make a deal with the media” by promoting false stories and trying to undermine Trump.

In the wake of Spicer’s resignation, the Trump White House is also working to discredit Breitbart News by releasing a new video featuring a man dressed in black in a Donald Trump mask.

The video was created by the “alt-right” website, Breitbart, which is known for promoting racist, anti-Semitic and other racist ideologies.

In a statement, the president elect said he was pleased with the new Breitbart News account and that he would continue to use the platform to “fight the fake news media and promote American greatness.”

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