When a car breaks down, the first thing the person who’s in the car is supposed to do is call 999.

But for some people, calling 999 isn’t a viable option.

If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, there are no reliable ways to get help, even if you can get to the emergency services.

ABC News spoke to two people who are among those who have no idea what to do next.

1:10:22 An elderly woman in Melbourne’s north-west had a problem with her car.

When she rang 911, the operator told her she could not call for help because the car had broken down.

But her phone number was already set up and she was not even on the emergency phone network.

She was also not connected to the internet and could not access her bank or other financial accounts.

The woman said she could only call in emergencies if she had an emergency fund set up.

“It’s been a long time,” she said.

“I’ve had to call the police.

I’ve had a lot of family members and friends call in sick.”

I was so confused when I got that phone call.

It’s just not clear to me that I can call 999.

“2:06:17 A young woman in Sydney’s west said she was forced to call a specialist ambulance when her car broke down.

“So I just left that alone.” “

They told me that the police were already there and they were already trying to find the right people to talk to,” she told ABC Radio.

“So I just left that alone.”

She said she had not called 911 since then.

3:24:52 An elderly man in Melbourne called an ambulance to be taken to hospital after his car broke up.

He said he had called 999 several times before, but the service was not on the phone network and there was no option to reach a specialist.

“The emergency service’s call centre is not available to my area,” he said.

3.59:15 A man in New South Wales, who asked to be referred to as “T”, said he was stuck in the back of his car and unable to call for assistance because his phone was set up as a call-back service.

He did not have an emergency or personal savings account and he was unable to make phone calls, either.

The service is not working for him.

“You can’t get the emergency number,” he told ABC News.

The person has called police and received a message on the message board. “

If you call the emergency numbers, you’re just wasting your time.”

The person has called police and received a message on the message board.

The person was unable call an ambulance because his emergency number was not set up for the emergency, but he had a personal savings and bank account, so he could use that to make emergency calls.

3, 6:03:45 A man from Sydney’s east said he used a call back service in order to get an emergency number for his car when his car was wrecked.

He was also unable to reach an ambulance.

“There’s no way I can contact the police, the ambulance, the fire service, the police chief,” he wrote on the call-backs forum.

“We’re all in this together.”

He said the emergency call service was now broken.

“In my mind, we’re all just dead.”

4:20:58 An elderly couple in the west of Victoria said they called an emergency service after their car broke apart.

When they arrived at a hospital, they could not get the police to help them.

“My phone is dead, my phone is black, and there’s no one on it,” the elderly woman told ABC Victoria.

“And I don’t know what to say, I just feel really helpless.”

She also had no idea how to get a police number.

“This is just too bad, there’s nothing we can do,” she wrote.

5:42:58 A woman in Queensland said she needed help to get to a GP because her car had become stranded on a highway.

When a police officer arrived, the woman was able to call emergency services and get a number for the ambulance.

She said it took a long while for the police and ambulance to arrive.

“When I called the ambulance the first ambulance was already on the way, but they said they were about an hour away, but I don,t know, I can’t say that,” she explained.

How can you have no number?” “

How can you call a number you don’t have a number to?

How can you have no number?”

6:06, 9:40:00 A man who lives in Perth said his car became stranded on the road after it had hit a tree.

The driver’s licence on the car’s dashboard was missing and the vehicle had no gas tank.

He could not reach emergency services because his car had been disconnected.

“Someone has left the keys on the

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