Paid search engine evalutor Bing has said it is the best search engine available for Chinese, and it is not going to stop there.

It has been in a bidding war with Baidu for the last three years, and now it is bidding to win over a fifth of the search market with the acquisition of Baidus, the Chinese search giant.

“Baidu has been the best platform for search in China for the past two years, but it is still not able to compete with PaySearch,” Bing executive chairman Andy Yoo said on Monday in a speech.

Baidus is a search engine that offers a lot of relevant content, Bing added.

Baiduses search engine is able to handle a lot more searches than Bing’s Bing, which is able only to handle the basics like keyword research.

Bing said its search engine has about 100 million active users in China, while Baiduz’ users number around 80 million.

Bing’s search engine also has about two billion monthly search impressions.

PaySearch’s search quality is a huge strength, according to Bing, as it can filter out spam, fraud and other types of bad content, including links to counterfeit goods.

Bayer said it will use the acquisition to improve Bing’s results and content, as well as expand Bing’s content and search capabilities to include “the internet of things”.

“We think this will be a huge asset for the Baidun network and the search industry,” said Paul Veenstra, head of Bing’s global search group.

“With Bing being the world’s leading search engine and Bing being able to scale beyond just Bing, we think that’s going to give Bing the advantage in this space,” Veenstrap said.

Bidu, which operates under the Bajaj group, has been testing a new search engine dubbed Baiducheap, which it hopes will become a bigger competitor to Baidui.

The company’s search platform was created in 2017 and has about 50 million active searches in China.

Bui was also bought by China Mobile, which in 2018 acquired its rival Baiduo, a search company with roughly 500 million monthly searches in the country.

Banks, insurance companies and other companies are also exploring how to monetise their websites and other websites through Bing.

The search giant is looking to get a bigger slice of this market.

In 2017, Google said its Chinese search market was worth $3.5bn, up from $2.8bn in 2016, but the market was growing slowly.

Google said last year that it would be investing in Baidux, which has been running search in mainland China for over a decade, and said it plans to increase its search revenue in 2018 and 2019.

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