NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is no stranger to the idea of Google Search.

In 2013, he even told the New York Times that he’d been using Google since 2005.

When Bettman took over the commissioner’s job in 2011, he said he’d already begun using the Google platform.

In 2012, he started using the platform, too.

And in 2016, Bettman said he would soon.

Bettman said on Thursday that Google Search was the engine of choice for the NHL, with a new NHL website set to launch in 2018.

When the league began using Google to search for its content in 2014, Bettmans office did not have a search engine.

But when the search engine was released in 2015, Bettmen said, “I went into a lot of Google thinking that it would be a really good way to do business.”

Now, Bettmann says, he’s using Google search to generate the content the NHL wants to see, and to bring people together and connect them in new ways.

In his speech to the United Nations in December, Betteman said he wants to build a digital media platform that “makes the world a better place.”

Bettmans announcement comes just days after he gave an interview with Yahoo Sports that touched on the NHL’s future, but also hinted at changes in the way the league deals with copyright.

In that interview, Bettmas said he was “looking forward to a new era in digital media,” and he promised that it will be better than it was.

For Bettmans future, he told Yahoo Sports, he wants the NHL to use the technology available to him.

Betts spokesman John Vanek told the Times that Bettmans speech did not include any discussion of Google.

But Vanek said Bettman had been discussing Google with Yahoo.

“Gary has been very open about what Google Search can be, and how it can be used for the betterment of hockey,” Vanek wrote.

“The commissioner wants to be sure the NHL takes all the necessary steps to ensure the NHL has the best possible platform for its fans and players.”

Google search has been used in the NHL since 2004, when the league started using it to create NHL content.

But Bettman and other NHL executives were less enthusiastic about the search engines at the time.

“They were just a little bit buggy,” Bettman told the newspaper.

“There was nothing that made them stand out.”

Google has since come a long way, and now the NHL uses the search giant in all of its search results.

The NHL and the players union both use Google to promote their campaigns, and the search company has become an important partner in those efforts.

Google’s search engine has been a major player in the league’s efforts to improve player safety, and many of the leagues top stars, including Wayne Gretzky, are Google users.

Google also has a long history of working with the NHL in the United States, which it used to promote its YouTube channel.

The company also has an agreement with the league to use Google’s YouTube ads to reach its viewers.

In fact, the NHL and Bettmans union have had Google ad deals in place since 2011.

The league and the NHL are not the only players to use search engines.

The NHL is one of the few sports leagues in the world to use Twitter to reach fans.

Twitter is used by NHL players and coaches as well as by some fans.

The Google search engine also is a huge part of the NHL.

The company has been the primary provider of content for the league since it opened in 2006.

Bettman was instrumental in developing the platform and its tools.

The search engine is a big part of how NHL players communicate with fans, including the way they use social media and how they interact with the fans and media.

Bettmans administration has used Google in recent years to create partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo.BETTS INTERVIEW: Google CEO speaks to the world at the UN on ThursdayWhat are some of the key changes in search technology that have changed the way fans and the media interact?

What do you think of Google’s new partnership with the United Kingdom?

Will Google use its search engine to promote the NHL or its content?

Will Google be the platform of choice when the NHL unveils its new digital media?

What changes have the NHL made to improve fan safety?

Bettmann said that the NHL was using Google for its search.

But he also pointed out that Google had its own search engine for its digital content, and it had a search app.

Google was a great tool for the U.S. because of the number of people that use it and the way we work together, he added.

And I’m looking forward to having the NHL use the best tool available.”BETTING TO THE RIGHT OF THE STADIUM: Bettman’s speech at UN will be the first time he has used the platform. What

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