Genealogy search engine is one of the hottest new products in the world.

It’s the creation of former Google executive Andy Rubin and his startup, Genealogy, which recently signed a deal with Facebook.

Genealogy is essentially a “personal history,” according to the company, and allows users to “search for specific people or places,” as well as “create custom search boxes” for specific dates and places.

Users can also search for “family tree” information or “children of historical figures.”

The search engine also allows users “to create a custom ‘family history’ page.”

Rubin said in an interview that the idea for the app was to allow people to “find things they never thought they’d ever want to know about.”

The app uses a “deep learning algorithm” that will learn from “your behavior” and then “gather the data from your social media accounts,” according the company.

Rubin said he wanted to build a search engine that was “easy to use” and “not just about finding people.”

The Genealogy app also provides a social networking service that allows users and their friends to “share content, see your friends’ content, or collaborate with you on projects.”

Users can share “links to things you’ve discovered,” such as “famous people you know who’ve died.”

Rubin described the app as a “natural extension” of his previous work as an architect.

He added that he was inspired to create the app after a recent trip to Japan.

Rubin, who is now based in San Francisco, said that he hopes that the new Genealogy will be “a valuable resource for people looking to expand their knowledge about the world.”

Rubin also said that the app will allow users to learn more about “people and places in their lifetime” and how to “make connections” between them.

The app’s creator says that it aims to “improve people’s lives through genealogy” and to “give people a reason to share with their loved ones and loved ones’ loved ones.”

He added, “Genealogy helps to better understand and connect with the past.”

Rubin explained that the aim of the app is “to empower people with a deeper understanding of the world and how people interact with it.”

“As technology becomes ever more powerful, we have more information to access and more tools to share, including social media, but the world is still so vast,” he said.

Rubin added that the Genealogy service will be free to use, but that he would like to “extend it as a paid product to help people build relationships with people they might otherwise not have.”

He explained that this “can only happen if we all work together to build the best genealogy platform.”

Genealogy says it has partnered with Facebook to offer its service.

“Genealogists and genealogists’ lives will benefit from the platform, and we will always be here to answer questions and share information about the most relevant data and genealogy research,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

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