Google, the world’s largest search engine for the Internet, is the world leader in content analysis and is a key source of information for people worldwide.

Yet there are numerous instances in which Google is also making decisions that could negatively affect the lives of the people it serves.

Some of these decisions are rooted in its own biases, some of which are not necessarily malicious.

But the impact they have on people is, at least in part, what Google needs to improve.

In the past year, a handful of news outlets have been found to have violated Google’s rules, resulting in Google’s removal of their content.

In January, the British Broadcasting Corporation, a government-funded news organization, was ordered to pay $1.1 million in damages to Google after the search engine removed several articles from the company’s News & Politics site.

That case was ultimately dropped, but it did result in the BBC getting more than 300,000 people to sign an online petition demanding the search company remove biased and inaccurate news stories.

Google’s reputation in China is at stake.

In May, the government in Beijing approved an anti-corruption law that will increase penalties for people who fail to register with the authorities and make money from corruption.

The new law is set to go into effect next month.

As a result, some Chinese Internet users are now barred from using Google to search for information about corruption in the country.

And Google’s search results for Chinese news outlets are also increasingly biased.

A recent report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation found that Chinese news sites have been ordered to remove certain topics from their search results.

In April, Google also took action against a Chinese search company for violating its rules by ranking search results on the basis of how much it paid a company for information.

The search giant said the Chinese search platform did not disclose the value of the information it received in return for ranking the results, according to the Financial Times.

But in April, a Chinese court issued a ruling against the search provider, which said that the Chinese company’s “search engine was not fair and impartial.”

In April and May, Google removed news content from several sites that violated its terms of service.

For example, it was removed from a Chinese news site that reported on the arrests of two men suspected of killing a Chinese woman and then posting the photos of the victims on the Internet.

The news site was also removed from an article about a Chinese state-run newspaper that was linked to the arrests and murder of the man.

Google said the removal was in response to a complaint from a user who wanted the news website removed from Google’s platform, and the company said that it was aware of the issues and had already taken steps to fix them.

In a blog post, Google said it “has received reports that some of the content is biased or misleading,” but that it would not beifying users that the content was being removed.

In June, Google announced a $1 million settlement with the Chinese government for violating anti-money laundering laws by selling ads to a Chinese business owned by a Chinese businessman who allegedly helped the Chinese authorities target dissidents.

The company agreed to pay a $2.6 million fine and to remove ads from Chinese news websites that had been linked to allegations of bribery and corruption.

That settlement was the largest in Google history, and Google also said it had changed the search results of many Chinese news sources.

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