When you think of the UK police, you probably think of plain old street patrols.

But, as they say in the United States, the police have more powers than they realise.

It is a fact that, as the UK becomes more connected to the world, they are more aware of the way the internet works, and what they need to do to keep up. 

 The UK has seen a huge increase in the number of police officers in recent years, and a significant increase in use of the force. 

The police say that they are getting more and more data on where people live, what their activities are and where they live, and they can use that information to keep track of suspects and crime trends. 

In addition, they have begun to make use of a new technology called ‘searches’ to find information on people’s social media accounts and track where they are online. 

“This has been really important to us because we don’t really know the full extent of the data we are collecting and what is going on on our end,” says Detective Superintendent Nick Williams. 

But the force are not entirely content with what they are using. 

Their plans are also expanding beyond their own jurisdiction. 

They are now looking at creating their own national policing body. 

Currently, the Metropolitan Police force is part of the Metropolitan police and is part-owned by the British government. 

A number of other police forces across the UK are looking at forming their own force, but not every force in the UK has the same intention. 

Detective Superintendent Williams says the aim is to create a force that would have more authority than it has, and have the power to stop and search people when they are in their own homes. 

He said: “I am trying to create an organisation that is really representative of what we are up against as a police force, and to make sure that we have the powers and the authority to tackle crime, to prevent crime, and also to deal with the public in a responsible way.” 

The Met is looking at all sorts of different options, but is now also considering creating its own national police force. It has a £3.6bn budget to spend and will be looking at how to increase the size of that budget. 

Image copyright PA Image caption Det Supt Williams has already created a national police body, the Met’s new national policing unit, will be able to investigate all kinds of crimes including terrorism, drugs and violent crime, but will also have the ability to stop people from entering their homes The force has also asked for help from other government departments to help it look into the creation of its own local force.

The Home Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government are currently looking into funding ways to help create the force, but Detective Superintendent Williams said: “We want to make this happen and we have got to look at everything from whether we can use our own resources to how we can look at the funding, what kind of resources we can have and where we can put them. 

When will it happen? 

Det Supt William Williams says there are plans to look into a number of ways that the force could be created, but it is unlikely that this will be possible for some time. 

How do we know when it will happen? 

 The force will have to first seek the permission of the Home Secretary, who has the power over the granting of police powers. 

What will happen to the police force? 

The Metropolitan Police will become a new agency with the powers to investigate crime, stop and investigate offences, and deal with criminal matters. 

This will allow the force to focus on some of the more serious crimes like terrorism, drug and violent offences, but also the more routine things like domestic violence and stalking. 

Will the force be run by a former police officer? 


The force will remain entirely owned by the UK government and will retain the powers of the Met, but its powers will be reduced in order to be run more efficiently. 

Can a force be made independent? 

Currently the police can be made subject to a number rules, including the National Police and Criminal Evidence Act 2004. 

Is there a limit to how many officers can be trained? 

 Currently there is no limit to the number or number of officers trained in the Met. 

Does the force need to be ‘out in the community’? 

Yes, the force must be in the communities, and it must be able and willing to investigate and stop people who pose a risk to public safety, as well as to stop those who are engaging in illegal activity. 

Who can be part of a force?

 Anyone can be a member of a police organisation, whether they are already part of one or not. 

Where do I find out more about the force?

The Met has set up a website to help people find out about how the force works, as the police have also put together a blog for people to

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